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Integrative-Somatic Psychotherapy



From the outside, you're going through the motions. 

 yet deep inside, you know a better way is possible.

Settling for less than we deserve in life and relationships keeps us stuck. 

What if there was a way to (rather quickly) work through what's holding you back?




i'm here to support you in getting where you want to be.

"Amelia helped me find the me I was hoping was inside of myself.  Because of her, I’m thriving again."


Hi!  I'm Amelia.

Pyschotherapy isn't about what's wrong with you.  It is about illuminating the skills and experiences that  restore your ability to see what has been right with you all along. 

get started


I offer a free, confidential 15 minute phone consultation to help you decide if I’m the right therapist for you. Schedule with me here

Image by Elena Joland
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