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Los Angeles Valencia Psychedelic Trauma Therapist near me


Holistic trauma therapy for highly sensitive creatives

In person therapy in Greater Los Angeles (Valencia, CA) + online therapy in California.

Does this sound like you?

  • Just because it's easy to empathize with others doesn't mean you are easy on yourself

  • Just because you're outwardly successful doesn't mean you're inwardly fulfilled

  • Just because you're  doing the best you can doesn't mean you feel like it's good enough

You are not alone.

highly sensitive woman in Valencia California
Holistic Counselor
Ketamine Assisted psychotherapy in Valencia, California
EMDR Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles California

Ways We Can Work Together


Mindful Somatic Trauma Therapy: EMDR 

Connect the dots within mind, body and spirit between past and present to compassionately cultivate change;  Re-wire negative self-beliefs and associated experiences;  Learn somatic grounding techniques; Embrace healthy and loving  relationships to self and others; Embody new  perspectives. 

Eco-Expressive Arts Therapy

Practice the art of restorative rest that weaves a deep  belonging in nature with options for gentle movement, yin yoga, psychodrama, poetry, and/or visual art to tend to what is inwardly unattended;  to express what has been left unexpressed. 


Unlock new levels of healing, intimacy, and motivation; Refine your intuition and embodied knowing;  Elevate your ability to live from your deepest values; Integrate insights into practical every-day steps; Cultivate peace, patience and prosperity. 

What I Can Help With








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Psychedelic Trauma Therapy Valencia, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles

How It Works

4. Complete online paperwork

5. Have your first therapy session!

1. Fill out a quick questionnaire to determine a good fit

2. Schedule your free discovery call 

3. Get your questions answered & get a sense of working together

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Psychedelic Trauma Therapy Los Angeles

Tap into Healing: An EMDR Approach to Reigniting Creativity

Through the lens of modern neuroscience, we can put words to and verify what the Ancients have long known. In our Westernized, postmodern society, it makes sense to want to know how things work, and why. We can honor the origins of healing practices and know we are participating in something effective..

Kind Words

"Amelia is an excellent therapist and wise beyond her years. I felt safe to speak on things I had never been able to work through with anybody else. She models such grace in handling boundaries, self respect, and compassion. I am so grateful to her because with her help I’ve learned various coping strategies that not only helped but are a part of my day that I do not skip. I’m not just barely getting by, I’m able to maintain self care that creates space for thriving. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

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